• How to use gpg and yubikey for ssh

    A friend of mine told me recently that he wanted to get a yubikey and was asking if and how he could use it for SSH. I pointed him at my previous post about GPG and yubikeys and I realised I had left out the SSH-related configuration.

  • A weekend in Switzerland

    Last month I went to Switzerland for a weekend to visit a friend and we went for a day trip to Crans-Montana.

  • gofind - First steps with Go

    It’s been a while that I wanted to learn Go. Also, I’ve always been fascinated with searching speed from the day I saw Apple’s Spotlight on OS X while I was still stuck with the incremental search of Windows XP, and later with the command line search tools.

  • GPG and yubikey - Serenity through madness

    A year or so ago I got myself a yubikey. So far I had only been using it to improve the process of logging in to most of my 2FA-protected accounts and I loved it.

    But a yubikey can improve more aspects of your digital identity and one of the ways it can help you do that is by allowing you to store GPG keys on it.

  • git - How to not shoot yourself in the foot

    With git it is nearly impossible to lose your work after you commit it.

    Even after running some “destructive” commands like git reset --hard or git rebase, there’s a very good chance you will be able to get your work back.

    However, if you have not commited your changes there is one command that can wipe them all out and is impossible to get them back:

    git checkout .

  • git 102 - Branching and Merging

    New year new post! Happy New Year!

    In the previous post I wrote about the most basics bits of git: Setting up your repo and doing the first commits.

    This post will be about another basic functionality, branches: What they are, how to create them, switch between them and merge changes from one to the other.

  • git 101 - First steps and why use it

    Some time ago I helped my brother with a couple of assignments for his Object Oriented programming course in the university. I took this chance to also introduce him to the benefits of using a version control system (VCS) for his projects and specifically my system of choice, git.

  • Hey, remember that blog I had?

    It's been some time since my last (and first) post and I plan to change that

  • Welcome v2.0

    I've been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time now, but I didn't know what to write about.

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