Yes, this blog

Well it’s been some time since my last (and first) post and I plan to change it.

A few interesting things have happened since, both around the world ([1], [2]) and on a personal level where the company I was working for at the time, Streetlife was acquired by Nextdoor and, as a result, I had to look for a new job where I ended up with a DevOps role at GDS.

The outage that brought me back

As I have already mentioned, this blog is hosted on Gitlab pages.

Gitlab recently moved to GCP and as they were cleaning up some of their infrastructure with Azure, they removed the pages proxy they had put in place, causing an outage to any pages that hadn’t updated their DNS records to point to the new IP address.

As you may have guessed, this included my blog too and removed my single post from the face of the Internet, so I had to fix it and while I was at it I decided to start playing with it again.


I do have some posts in mind, both new and old things I’ve been meaning to write about, some of them almost ready, some of them burning me from the inside to write about.

Hopefully I will do so before 2020.