Migrating from Jekyll to Zola
Jun 28, 2024

So it's that time of the... decade, I guess, where I remember that I've got a blog and that I'd like to start writing again.

The previous version was using jekyll, and because it's been a while since my last post, everything got ridiculously outdated. Meanwhile my patience and willingness to deal with insecure and incompatible versions of stuff outside of work is extremely limited these days.

I also grew very fond of the idea of having each of my tools packaged in one a single binary instead of a collection of files. Adding into the mix the fact that I was not a big fan of Jekyll (and ruby) to begin with, I naturally found myself looking for other options.

I tried hugo, but something in its templating language didn't quite sit well with me. Maybe because I was too used to jinja or django templates.

And then I found Zola, which is written in rust, and so far has ticked all the boxes for me:

So I decided to migrate all my content to Zola's way of doing things and... this is it.

The migration itself was relatively quick, I moved all the posts in one afternoon and then it was mostly a matter of tweaking CSS to fix some small annoyances.

There are still several things that are not working and/or need some attention, but they'll get fixed Soon™.

For now I'm glad that I finally have a theme that supports dark and light mode \o/